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Is your home protected against Lock Snapping?

Burglars have for sometime exploited the weakness with euro cylinders most commonly found in upvc type doors. Euro cylinders that are found in many homes are by design weak at the centre point where the screw fixing hole meets the cam. Burglars are using everyday mole grips and will clamp onto your handle twisting the bottom half until this part breaks off leaving the euro cylinder exposed. Again they will then clamp onto the end of the cylinder and with one quick twist snap the cylinder at the weak point. They will then proceed with a screw driver or in some cases just there finger to turn the locking point which will retract all the bolts, hooks and locks that you have on your door .It really is that quick and simple and is by far the most common attack I see. Due to the rise in this form of attack theres a few different ways to protect yourself and your family. These include anti snap/bump cylinders which are designed to snap off about 15mm from the end of the cylinder .As soon as an attempt is made to gain entry to your home the end will break off at its shear point which stops the burglar in his tracks.There has been cases of double snapping in the area so the locks we fit also have a reinforced steel bar running from each shear point to reinforce the centre to help prevent against this. Other options are security handles and sash jammers, every household is different but would all benefit from one or more of these additional security products.   Get your home secured with our Free Home Security Check simply  Call 07795360741 or 01132109650 to arrange your visit.

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